affiliate marketing how to win friends and influence people and how you can quadruple your income!

Affiliate Marketing, the best way to make a significant stream of income from the Internet is highly recommended for everyone who wants to change their life. The reason why it’s so popular is that it has many advantages over other “make money online” methods such as taking surveys, Google AdSense…
But people, I mean the Affiliates tend to forget some very basic communication principles when it comes to the Internet. And they don’t get their desirable results just because of their forgetfulness.
If you are an affiliate, just put yourself in the customers’ shoes, what would you like to be treated?
Do you like to be treated as a fellow human being, or to be treated like a robot? Making money from the Internet DOES NOT necessarily mean that you have the right to do whatever things you like to do with your online customers. In fact, the affiliate who bombards his customers’ emails with sale-pitch letters day after day, and even doesn’t consider bringing value to them does not deserve success!
The cover principle is simple: Treat others the way you want to be treated!
If you want to become a Super Affiliate, ask yourself some questions like:
1) Is this product really good that I can bring it to my customers happily?
2) How can I deliver to my customers more and more value to build trust and credibility?
3) What are the requirements of my niche?
4) If I were them, would I like to be mailed “x” times a week?
5) Can I response to my customers’ questions when they need?

And there are lots more to ask. The trick is to play your customer’s role to understand more about his/her situation, know more about his/her problems, so you can bring to him/her the right solutions.
I know all successful Super Affiliates on the Internet DO implement the exact principle of communicating between people to achieve their tremendous success.
They stand out of the crowd because they know and apply it to their advantage. While the vast majority of online entrepreneurs pay attention to how much MONEY they can make from their list before considering bringing value to their customers, our super stars do the exact reverse thing! They bring much VALUABLE OFFERS to their customers first, and it seems like money loves and follows them like shadows.
Are you surprised? Remember that you are marketing to people not robots, they have emotions like you, you make them disappointed, then you’re done!
By applying this simple yet powerful principle, not only you can QUADRUPLE your revenue now, but also you will unlock the door to the Internet wealth, and multiply your income as many times as you can! Now it’s your time to become the world’s next super affiliate!